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Stress – A Health Disruptor

A baseline level of chronic stress is much more common than people realize. And the cumulative result of this chronic stress can be devastating: elevated blood pressure, compromised digestive function, elevated blood sugar, chronic sleep disturbance, weight gain, suppressed immune function and disrupted hormonal balance. Uncontrolled stress sets the stage for all diseases. Great, so we

Inflammation, a Health Disruptor

A little bit of inflammation is a natural part of life. It’s the body’s natural defense against damaged cells, viruses, bacteria, stress etc. When you catch a cold, for example, you may experience inflammation in the form of a fever as your body tries to protect itself. Or when you sprain your ankle, your ankle

The Five-Element Theory

The Five Element theory speaks about how all things are connected. Everything within each element is related. Let’s take the Liver element as an example. The liver is associated with Wood and is related to spring, a windy climate, the east, the color green, and the emotion anger. These are things that share a deep,

Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD is affecting over 10 million Americans a year. The lack of sun during the winter months can cause depression, tiredness, fatigue, crying spells, trouble concentrating, body aches, irritability, and poor sleep to name a few. Here are some actions you can take to help prevent SAD: Use light therapy 30 to 60 minutes in


Dampness in Oriental medicine is an abnormal processing of fluids in the body. Dampness can cause many different issues depending on its location. If there is dampness in the whole body it can manifest as fatigue and a feeling of heaviness. This form of fatigue can be improved by a proper diet and regular exercise.


There are many imbalances in our body that can lead to fatigue. IIlness, stress, or lifestyle choices can affect the production of the good energy our body needs to function. When the Spleen and Lung systems are weakened we feel like we have low energy. Thi fatigue can improve with good sleep and a healthy

The Kidney Element in Oriental Medicine

The Kidney element is associated with winter. Each organ has an element associated with it: Kidney and water, Liver and wood, Spleen and earth, Lungs and Metal, and Heart and fire. There is also an emotion associated with each organ system—the emotion for the Kidney system is fear. The Kidney is associated with will power,

Acupuncture and Pain

Acupuncture clears up blockages and restores the flow of energy in the body. Acupuncture also leads to an increased production of endorphins. There is an increased blood flow to the area needled. This increased blood flow clears out toxins and chemicals that accumulate from inflammation or strain. Acupuncture can help with a wide variety of conditions.


Acupressure uses the same acupoints as acupuncture but without penetrating the skin. Instead, fingers are used to apply pressure over the acupoint. Here are a few acupoints that can safely be used by anybody. Earlobes for stress relief: If you feel stressed, grasp your earlobes between your thumb and index finger and gently pull down.

Acupuncture and Tennis Elbow

Recent studies have shown that acupuncture can benefit individuals suffering from lateral elbow pain – tennis elbow. The pain associated with tennis elbow usually starts after repetitive activities. The pain is often severe and can be sharp, burning, achy or sore.  The pain can be aggravated by continued repetitive activity, like tennis, gardening, computer work


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