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Providing care to patients in the Portland and Beaverton, Oregon areas for over a decade.

Lisa’s Acupuncture in Beaverton, Oregon is a unique practice that uses a combination of Eastern and Western medicines. Acupuncturist Lisa Thorborg spent 18 years as a private practice physical therapist before becoming a licensed acupuncturist. Now Lisa uses her knowledge of the human body and fuses it with her knowledge of Eastern medicine to create custom treatment plans for her patients.

Did You Know?

Acupuncture can help treat a wide variety of ailments such as: chronic pain, anxiety, depression, whiplash, or even infertility. But it can also be used to help keep your biochemical and energy balances in check. Visit the Services page for a full list of  Lisa’s acupuncture specialities.

With ongoing treatments, you will notice many shifts in your awareness. Lisa can facilitate greater body mindfulness to achieve optimal balance in your health.

The results can be life changing.


Lisa's Acupuncture
4850 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Suite #202
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8am - 6pm
Some flexibility available

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