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“Lisa completely turned my life around, both physically and with my peace of mind as well. She is always careful to take time in discussing concerns and her process is amazing. I always feel very cared for and comfortable when I am with Lisa. I can’t say enough positive about her. She is very reassuring, supportive, and doesn’t rush through anything. Everything she does is with purpose and consideration for her patients’ well-being. I originally went to Lisa for help in alleviating severe headache pain I’d been experiencing for months. No painkillers or meds helped at all. Lisa’s treatments not only got rid of the headache pain completely, but I also feel so much better emotionally. My body is more in harmony now than it ever has been and it’s all thanks to Lisa. If you’re even considering acupuncture, please go see Lisa. I was unsure about acupuncture prior to seeing Lisa, but she has made a big believer out of me. Acupuncture truly works and Lisa is a master…” DWelch

“My life was changed after the first visit to Lisa’s office over six years ago. Lisa helped me cope with a very difficult time in my life, and went on to help with pain in my feet and horrible symptoms of menopause. However she is so much more, she listens to everything. She treats your entire being. I have learned how powerful meditation can be and how it helps to give you center and peace and energy. I have not had to take tylenol in over five years. I’m able to walk over 3 miles a day because the pain in my feet is gone. Surgery had been suggested as a solution for my feet issues but after watching my friend go through it, I turned to Lisa. After several months of treatment, I was completely pain free! I see Lisa on a weekly basis, not only for any pain issues that I may be experiencing, but for my mental well being as well. Anyone who is thinking of trying acupuncture should see Lisa Thorborg.” SLSiehl

“Just being in the room with Lisa is transformative. She is a delightful person and really takes the time to listen to and address your needs. She has had such a positive impact on my health and well-being and I just want others to have the opportunity to be helped by her as I have. You will not be disappointed.” David

“When I started with Lisa I was six months into a one year chemo treatment and had three surgeries. My body was stressed, weak, and very sick. My mind felt like there was a constant fog. I couldn’t concentrate. With Lisa’s help I was able to make it through all my treatments which is very difficult to do with the type of chemo I had. Lisa’s mind/body approach is wonderful. Both of my daughters 17 and 15, went to Lisa and had great experiences too. I have recommended Lisa every chance I get. =)” TJ

“When I go to Lisa for a treatment I feel like I’ve gone to a spa…and a counselor. She always takes the time to listen to what I have to say, she’s very gentle and her treatment works!!! She has also given me some Chinese herbs that have helped me sleep and ease my allergies. I highly recommend Lisa Thorborg for acupuncture, you will absolutely love her.” Stephiedean

“I go to Lisa for treatment of my MS symptoms. She does an exceptional job of helping reduce my pain and other problems related to my MS. I receive treatment every week and I don’t know what I would do without her! I have recommended her to many of my friends for many different conditions and they have all been very happy with her care. She is a wonderful, kind and caring professional who strives to always do what is best for her patients.” JSP

“I want to say thanks (a lot) you to Lisa – for her excellent treatment and attention. When I came to Lisa I have a problem with “lactation. I really wanted to feed the baby as long as possible. I felt very tired, I do not have the strength to do anything, always wanted to sleep. After a few sessions of acupuncture and meditation, I began to feel better. I have increased the amount of milk and I had more energy, I began to worry less. Lisa helped me a lot. I have always believed that acupuncture is effective treatment for many conditions. Lisa wonderful specialist and if you come up to here nice, calming office she will help. Very nice location too!!!!” Irina M, Jul 24 2011

“I was skeptical at first about trying acupuncture, but now I am definitely sold. I was having shoulder problems and tried a MD who gave me a steroid shot which provided no relief. After approximately 3 acupuncture sessions I noticed my shoulder was getting significantly better. After more sessions the pain completely disappeared and has not come back. I have a very physical job and when my body aches more than usual I find acupuncture to be a great help. Lisa makes each session incredibly relaxing and something to look forward to. I would highly recommend her.” John

“I look forward to my acupuncture sessions with Lisa because of the heated bed, the neck massage and her kind and thorough manner. My arthritis has greatly improved in the two years that I have been going to Lisa, and it is much more manageable. Because of the conference we have before each session, I can receive treatment for other issues at the same time. I am confident that Lisa is the best choice for acupuncture in Portland!” deri

“Lisa has skillfully and kindly treated many of my health issues that would ordinarily require expensive and invasive Western medicine. A compassionate listener, and dedicated professional, Lisa has turned me from skeptic to true believer. Her office is clean and convenient, and decorated with relaxation in mind. Direct insurance billing, too. Highly recommended for both preventative medicine and treatment of mental and physical health issues.” Jade

“Because of Lisa I am addicted to acupuncture. Lisa is so gentle and kind, and she helps you feel very relaxed and comfortable when you come in for a treatment. I began going to her because our 13 year old daughter was suffering from depression and she wouldn’t try acupuncture if I didn’t try it. That was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I have referred friends and family to Lisa because of the excellent experience she provides.” Dominique Toews

“My doctor referred me to acupuncture. I had had sciatica for several months. Acupuncture was a new experience for me. Lisa was kind and thorough and I was healed completely. In addition, my sessions produced the best relaxation I have ever experienced. I would not hesitate to go back to her when needed or to refer her to anyone.” JOYce B.

“Lisa is very professional and has a healing way about her. Her acupuncture provides healing to mind and body, and her rooms are spotless and relaxing. At the end of the treatment there is always a lovely back rub.” Joan Black

“I would have trouble walking if it were nor for Lisa helping my back problem. I also echo the above comments from Joan.” Russ Black

“I went to Lisa for treatment last year for general malaise and anxiety issues. She was very kind and thorough and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to her again should the need arise.” Stephanie

“”Finally relief! After months of suffering with low back and knee pain, visits to chiropractor, internal med doctor and orthopedic surgeon, I was referred to Lisa by a good friend who found profound relief after having a treatment with Lisa. This is by far the best referral I have ever had. Lisa is thorough. She listens and never rushes you. Treatment is in a tranquil environment. She has helped me tremendously and I am now a believer in acupuncture and even more, Lisa.” Donna / Portland

“My name is Kathy and I was a client of Lisa Thorborg. I was having problems with my knee. I started seeing Lisa and within a short period of time she had relieved the soreness in my knee with acupuncture. She also gave me the most relaxing massages. It was a wonderful experience, I had never had either before. I highly recommend Lisa Thorborg and her therapy. It has been a few years now and I am still not having any issues anymore. Lisa is very professional and she gets to the bottom of your problems.” Kathy


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